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Huntly Speedway
Waikato Std Stock and Super Saloon Champs + Midgets
By Macgor
The Waikato Std Stock Champs started with a field of 27 cars which was a little lower in numbers than I expected . The action in the racing far exceeded my expectations though and in fact I'm glad I haven't got the time to do a proper review of the racing because I wouldn't be able to do the event justice in any case . It was simply too full on .
1st 41m Dougan Hart , 2nd 66a Peter Church , 3rd 48h Allen Dunn
The Waikato Super Saloon Champs was at the other end of the scale . The track was slick and dusty and the car count was a mere 10 cars. There was class in the field but really without a decent surface  watching was a very ho hum experience .
1st Geoff Fletcher , 2nd 74m Craig Ritchards ,  3rd 27m Maurice Cowling
Midgets were also on the program but once again less in numbers than expected with approx twelve cars showing up . Lots of spins and hold ups as a result of the track conditions thus a disappointing showing of what can be a great to watch class .
The Agrade Stockcar Tri Series along with the Waikato Std Stocks meant the meeting was well worthwhile attending and I'm sure the large crowd didn't go home unhappy or bored with what they saw . In fact long after the last event had been run much of the crowd stayed sat in the hope of just a little bit more . The mark of a truly successful speedway meeting .
166m Steve Hampton was one of the first ousted 
from the pack
109m Jason Brown was another that seemed to be
marked for eradication on the night
Hampton used to have an 'H' after his number but
now sports an 'M' . say no more
Which way is the right way round?
45h Phil Brisco lifting a hind wheel Hampton on 5a Noel Hawthorne's bumper
5h Greg Martin is the one on the lean . He raced 
on with a couple of flat tyres and mangled 
body work .
The Std Stock all in produced four cars on the 
track but the action was still all on . 8m Scot
Fredrickson feeling the pain from 
71h Tony Wootton
11m Kevin Moore being hassled by 74m Craig 
27m Maurice Cowling and a well performing
23h John Clements
72m Ken Sines got better as the track got worse Midgets could have been oh so good