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Huntly Speedway
Agrade Tri-Series Round One
By Macgor
Agrade Stockcar Teams racing is a rare sight this early in a new season and to have 3 bouts on the card was too much of an enticement to resist .
First impression when it was realised that some of the established teams racing star drivers weren't fronting was one of some little disappointment . As it turned out those stars weren't needed because new one's were born to shine instead .

If there was any downside it was that at 10 laps the races were a tad short , 12 laps would have been more the go .

Teams Race One -  
Waikato Wanderers
8h Dave Roigard , 5h Shaun Wade , 33h Callum McCleod , 85h Jared Wade , 
Rotorua Rebels
22r Kevin Brooks ,33r Robbie Mabey , 93r Gary Hunter , 99r Callan Hose
 On the face of it the Wanderers were by far the stronger team while the Rotorua outfit looked more like Rookie Rebels rather than 
the accomplished unit we are used to seeing on these occasions . 12h Chris Bear was reserve for the Wanderers .

Rebels had pole and 33r Robbie Mabey started from there , on the outside sat 33h and when the flag dropped he stayed sat with 
foot hard on the stop pedal holding up the outside lane .
By the time 33r Mabey got to turn one 85h Jared Wade was already on 33r's case . A punt from 93r Gary Hunter sent the 85h around 
the outside of 33r who took the opportunity to attack allowing 93r to take the lead with 8h Dave Roigard chasing hard in second place . 

Hunter still held the lead a  lap or two  later but by now Jarred Wade had got past Roigard for second .

When Hunter neared the waiting 33h Callum McCleod 99r Callan Hose kept 33h busy while Hunter passed by between the dueling 
duo and the wall .
22r Kevin Brooks was another doing a starling job of reading the race and once 93r Gary Hunter went by he hooked Jared Wade off
the track and onto the infield causing delay to 85h and relieving him of the air that was contained in the left front tyre of the 85h .
99r was next on attack giving 33h Callum McCleod a taste of cement on the back straight leaving 33h stalled sideways on the track . 
33h got going again .

Disaster for Gary Hunter when he got caught up in a little war that was happening on the main straight between 99r and 85h and to 
be honest I'm not sure who went by for the lead at this stage but it was either 33r Robbie Mabey or 8h Dave Roigard  .
Either way 99r and 33r decided to try and sort 8h out  resulting in 8h sliding sideways on to the grass with some assistance from 99r .
33r Robbie Mabey continued on until blocked by 85h Jarred Wade which allowed the recovered 8h of Dave Roigard to take up the
front running .
I had been waiting for 93r to appear in amongst the action I was filming but my next sighting of him was crawling round the track with 
some sort of steering problem. The Rebels who had looked the goods for a good part of the race were now in bother .

On the second to last lap Roigard led but was being chased hard by 99r Callan Hose who had closed to within a car length . 
It was obvious that 99r was on a killing mission and 8h was his target .
It was quite a sight to see an agrade stockcar lifting it's left front wheel as it bounced through the turns , yep Hose was giving his all 
and more .
Unfortunately for 99r Jared Wade was waiting in turn 1 of the last lap and took 99r for wee excursion up the turn two wall letting 8h
run home free for the Wanderers win . A good teams race though with not a loser in sight .
With the Wanderers appearing in team colours it was only later on I realised I hadn't spotted 5h Shaun Wade amongst the action 
and on checking it appears he never made more than half a lap of the race . I'm not sure of the reason . Perhaps he was got or perhaps 
he just broke down .
There was certainly much more to the race than what I have described here .

Teams Race Two
Baypark Busters
19m Kerry Remnant , 23m Tony Melyers , 51m Rodney Wood , 65m Mark Thompson
Rotorua Rebels
22r Kevin Brooks , 33r Robbie Mabey  , 99r Callan Hose

The Rebels were on the back foot in this match because they only arrived with 4 cars and because Gary Hunter was a non starter it 
was a case of three cars versus four . 
Baypark had 41m Dougan Hart standing by as reserve which means not only was he part of the winning agrade team but did double
duty and won the Waikato Std Stock Champs on the same night .
Baypark had pole for this one and 19m Kerry Remnant was obviously going to be the Busters runner . Robbie Mabey sat outside of
him with the rest in normal staggered grid fashion behind . 51m Rodney Wood was on the inside of row three . 
22r Kevin Brooks delayed Wood for a moment at the green by standing on his brakes . Remnant with more power than ever available 
was gone in a flash and we wondered whether the race had been decided right then and there . Remnant survived a good blocking 
attack from 22r Kevin Brooks early on and was barely delayed .
99r Callan Hose was the best placed of the Rebels but really it was all he could do to keep Remnant in sight . Brooks second shot 
on Remnant in turn two was a beauty . It spun Remnant backwards into the turn two exit wall , the 19m flailing in the air then 
crashing back to the track facing the right direction assisted by 22r's follow through .  19h came to rest and what appeared to be a 
major fuel fire erupted  in the engine bay  which caused the officials to activate the red light and justifiably too . No sooner had the 
red come on and  the 19m engine burst back into life and the fire vanished . Sensible officiating allowed Remnant to continue in the 
event although he now had a decidedly less than perfect race car .
By now Rodney Wood had a flat left front , Remnant was off the pace and when joined by 23m Tony Melyers there was a Buster
trio wreaking havoc on the Rebels . There was a Buster still at speed though and 65m Mark Thompson was the winner at the end 
of ten laps .

Teams Race Three

19m Kerry Remnant , 23m Tony Melyers , 51m Rodney Wood , 65m Mark Thompson
8h Dave Roigard , 12h Chris Bear , 33h Callum McCleod , 85h Jared Wade 

Another bruiser of a  race was anticipated and had been delivered when this race was done with . 
12h Chris Bear was replacement for 5h Shaun Wade and as far as I know this was Bear's first teams race ever and he darn near won it .
Rodney Wood was on pole for the Busters and it was a surprise that the car many regard as the fastest in the land never moved 
when the green was shown . I'm thinking ' foot stuck on brake pedal ' must be a grid one malady that strikes without warning .

33h Callum McCleod and 19m Kerry Remnant were the first two to get going with Remnant expecting to blast around the outside 
McCleod only to be disappointed when 33h turned right and gave him a taste of concrete wall . Remnant survived to spin off onto 
the grass before rejoining the race .
A tussle between 65m Mark Thompson and 8h Dave Roigard had both cars checking out the grass for a brief time .
85h Jared Wade was the first car traveling at speed down the back straight and he was being chased by 51 Rodney Wood . 
In third and not far behind Wood was 12h Chris Bear . Next time down the back straight Wood executed a reverse spin on Wade . 
Wade lost time getting turned around again while Wood skidded through the infield at which time12h Chris Bear took up first 
place running . 
Wood was on his rear bumper entering turn three though and also 23m Tony Melyers was in blocking mode there too . Ahead of 
Melyers was another block in the form of 33h Callum McCleod .

Somehow Bear found the brave bits needed to keep moving and avoided the 23m and sped off down the main straight . It's pretty 
hard to beat 51m Rodney Wood at anytime let alone a teams race and the sight of 51m closing real fast send shivers through my spine . This meeting was running to a ' no straight lining ' rule though and in accordance with that Rodney Wood backed off after giving 
12h a serious punt in the rear .
Bear survived his touch with the wall and continued on although Wood was now through and into the lead .

No sooner had that happened and a battling 65m Mark Thompson and 33h Callum McCleod arrived in the same turn culminating in 
33h riding up on to the bonnet of 65m . They got themselves sorted out eventually .

A lap later and Rodney Wood turns up at the same action attracting end of the track only to be collared by 8m Dave Roigard with
85h close at hand to provide the follow through . The Huntly cars beat a hasty retreat leaving Wood facing the wrong way . 
By the time Wood got himself sorted 12h Chris Bear was back in front by the length of the back straight . Wood set out after him again and made up some ground before falling victim to 85h Jared Wade who showed Wood where the turn one wall was .
Once again the 'no straight lining rule ' was obeyed but this time by Wade on Wood . More contact between 85h and 51m had both 
cars spinning onto the back straight grass . 

When 12h Chris bear arrived to put a lap up on 51m and 85h in turn three he hesitated momentarily which allowed 65m Mark Thompson
to catch and spin 12h . Bear was quickly back on the pace though and still held the lead although with 19m Kerry Remnant just a few 
car lengths behind by the time Bear arrived in turn one which was where 51m  Rodney Wood had decided to lay in waiting . 

Mark Thompson was also waiting at the apex of the turn and just ahead of Thompson was a somewhat crippled 85h Jared Wade .
Bear never hesitated this time and sped around the outside of Wood and then Thompson . Thompson's increase in speed brought 
him up on to the rear of the Wade 85h which negated his effort to get Bear .

Heading down the back straight for the second to last time Wood poured on the pace and collected Bear trapping him against the wall in turn four . Remnant raced through to pick up the white flag and then the win for the Busters .