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Waikaraka Park
Ltd Saloon Stampede + Auckland Saloon Champs .
Overcast weather leading up to this meeting was a worry but it stayed dry at least until the meeting was getting into it's stride .

Ltd Saloon Stampede .
This used to be titled the Ltd Saloon Nationals and in it's hey day attracted monstrous fields . Disapointing this year inthat it was a small field of ten cars that fronted . Having said that , there was quality on hand in the form of 48m Phil Towgoood , 5 m Brent McClymont , 32a Steve Louden , 58a Gavin Hinsley and 26a Brian Noble .
They only had one heat which was one of two or three to set grid positions for a one race final . Phil Towgood won the heat with the others mentioned filling the minor positions .

Auckland  Saloon Champs
 14 cars including the likes of Skinny Colson , Geoff Fletcher , Kevn Moore , Paul Carter  , Lance Jennings etc. 
sadly the big wet came as they were lining up for heat one of their three heat championship .

17 cars got one race done and showed promise for an action filled  last night of the season for the class .

Never got a run but there looked to be a good number of cars in the pits , possibly more than the ltd Saloons .

Std Stocks
22 cars plus one agrader . It was all on from flag fall and the action simply dazed most of us that were watching . The images below are just a sampling of what went on . I'm not sure how many cars made the finish line but there were plenty parked up before then . 7m Blu Rawiri was in the thick of the action but he still took out the race win . The best part was that all the main players were still mobile and that fact promised that there were more good times to come . Darn the weather that sent us home early .

7m Blu Rawiri attacked 76a Ritchie Wright with murderous intent and nearly succeeded . The 76a crashed back to the track and set about seeking retribution .
7m got delayed a little by other traffic giving Ritchie Wright the opportunity for a little ! payback and assisted by Noel Hawthorne in 5a the pair combined to power Blu Rawiri into  the pit bend wall . Some of the flying concrete is circled in one of the images below . Hawthorne used the opportunity to pull off  the pass for the lead . Rawiri caught and dealt to him for his trouble .

Paully Rawiri only had one number on his dash and bad luck for Peter Church it was 2nz . 
Rawiri did a full lap in reverse attacking the rear bumper of Peter Church or perhaps it was
Church that was doing the attacking by being in block mode .
Either way it was a hoot to watch  two of the best entertaining at their best .