Easy to remember address :
Tim Moore backed in a local I think it was Donna Carter amongst it this time
No 6 looks like a battler from way back
No 88 was a bad Kitty and got black flagged for
spinning the only ministock in the field
No 3 in the wars 44 was a winner
000 driven by Waiheke club president
Evan Yates didn't last the distance
Ron Salter ran his sprinter with the modified 
class .
New boy with newly purchased minisprint also
ran with the Modifieds
The 8g production saloon was a good runner
until it was pummeled by the 12a Streetstock
66 won races and placed well with several 
different drivers . 
31a modified on the gas and going hard .
even the old No 6 won it's share of races Production Saloons used all the track too .
Skinny tyres on a grippy track assisted the 
This production saloon got spanked by a 
streetstock sort of .
talk about taking the high line 98 was definitely one of the best presented
eye contact happening here , pity the grins are
82d spent the weekend having heaps of contact 
You gotta agree that stockcars shift dirt
This Taipa tank kept on keeping on and you can't
deny it has character .