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NZ Stockcar Teams Champs
Palmerston North
By Macgor
Packed houses both nights meant that this annual clash of the titans is still the top attraction of the season .
I really don't have the time or inclination to write a detailed review of the happenings .
The Baypark Busters won the deal which they rightly deserved becasue  their on track team was first rate . 92m Kyle Fraser was my driver of the weekend for his blocking and attack tactics . Highly recommended and a surprise performer was 38m Ross Ashby . Kerry Remnant while not overly spectacular was racing smart adding finesse to the Buster team .

It was great to see the Auckland Allstars make the semifinals , their first win on the friday night had an element of luck to it but their second success was well earned . They seemed to loose their way somewhat on finals night but all the same their potential was showing .

Hats off to the Otago team . Their first time at this big time event and despite the hammering they took they keep fronting cars on the track for some more of the same . Brave beyond words .

Hard luck for the Stratford Scrappers again this year . , Trevor Mason was spectacular in his executions . 82s Paul Johnston impressed . I couldn't help but wonder how much more successful the Scrappers would have been if 51s Jay Knight had been included as part of their line up . The Scrappers versus Busters free for all qualifying race was the match of the weekend for many so I guess there is some solice for the Scrappers in knowing they were only narrowly beaten by the best of the lot .

There were plenty of other good individual performances too . 12h Chris Bear , ?b Paul Demanser , 98r Gary Hunter and 85n Dale Ewers to just name a few .

Quite a few of the teams were looking great in team attire , the best were those that stayed with their original racing numbers . Those that used consecutive  teams numbers just created confusion for everyone including themselves .

Overall the teams racing made great watching despite some of the matchs failing to fire with  the expected  intensity. Commentating was good , food barely average and the running of the meetings was good enough apart from the time wasting that crept in at the end of finals night.
The Manawatu modified champs were run on the second night and despite the class being one of my favorites I can't figure why a promotion would want to cover their packed house customers with dust as they did .  2nz Tony Galbraith won on points while I was buying hotdogs or just generally making my self scarce .

Images below are from semifinals on saturday night .

Ross Ashby ,committed teams racer  Awesome crowd for finals night
Rodney Wood's woeful season continues Kelvin Gray's short  season isn't going well
Peter Rees tried hard Kyle Fraser foiled Barry Podjursky
Likewise did Ross Ashby Peter Rees used his rear bumper to good effect
on 19m Kerry Remnant
58p Peter Bengston getting roughed up by
Kyle Fraser
6a Dayne Wright's good run coming to an end
Wright's race ended soon after Allstars in trouble
2nz Tony Galbraith = Manawatu Mod champion