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What do you buy your best mate when they turns 5 0 ???
Well the update has taken two weeks to get round to writing it so here goes:
Our young friend from Martinborough called "Mr Kim Lace"recently had his 50th birthday so our
first thoughts were what the hell do ya buy a man  who has  everything ?, so this called for a drunken
meeting  to get our heads together, the new PINK race boots (slippers) were first on the agenda however with a crowd of over 200 we had to step up the mark. 

What started as a Walking frame ended up as a Mobility Scooter fully painted an signwritten the 
same as his SuperStock!

As ive being known to do the odd funny speech good old Kyle Fraser got up to inform everyone of the
new class Kim was about to introduce to speedway, Little did Kim know S.J and I had broken in to his
house earlier that day and stolen his race overalls an helmet. My brother Stace entered the Workshop at FULL PACE (Which isn't that fast in mobility terms) to be greeted by the crowd in fits of laughter , Poor Young Kim Lace was in tears not sure if it was that he finally felt 50 or amazed by the amount of work we had put in.

Anyway after a few more stories we presented the new race boots to match the scooter.The nite couldn't
have been much bigger with a few taken it through to the next  day and believe me the 5hour trip home
felt like days,

So this is the sort of stuff Drivers have to do in the off season , speaking of off season I better get mine
out of the bus an get some work done.
Thanks Kim Lace for the great night , those hundred odd crayfish certainly made the crowd turn up!
See Ya all at the track soon
Kyle Fraser