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Std Stock Teams Challenge
Kihikihi Speedway
by macgor
Despite a damp mid morning leading up to the 1pm start of this meeting a very good sized crowd turned up to farewell the Waikato 2002 - 2003 speedway season .
Feature attraction was the std stock teams challenge between Auckland , Huntly , Kihikihi and Rotorua which was not only good watching but produced a surprise overall success for the Kihikihi Crusaders team .

The first teams race of the day was between Auckland and Rotorua ,  both strong teams and a match that would have been hard to predict the outcome for . As it turned out Rotorua seemed to be running without a plan of attack leaving the Aucklanders to control the play . A good win to Auckland

The second teams race was Huntly against the local Kihikihi team and I reckon everyone expected the Huntly hard men to crucify the Crusaders  . Nobody reckoned on 86k Phil Gleeson  , his performance was outstanding in plucking opposition leaders from the race leaving 14k  Norm Thompsett to run home for the win .  There were more than just a few watchers  a wee bit stunned at this result and I wondered whether I had just seen the worm begin to turn .

The third teams race was to decide 3rd and 4th and was between Huntly and Rotorua . The Rotorua Rascals got their race plan activated assisted by much gesturing from leader 86r Bill Keijzer as he urged his team mates to protect him from the Huntly opposition .

The Final teams race pitted Kihikihi against the favoured Auckland Alleycats and the thought of Kihikihi prevailing in this one was incomprehensible . I mean the local lads had done real well to get to the final but the might of the guns from the big smoke would surely overwhelm them . Trouble is that man Gleeson wasn't about to roll over and play dead and kept getting in the way of the fast cars and attracting their attention while a couple of his teams mate run most of the distance in first and second place .  Hit man for the Auckland team 44a Andrew Weir was eliminated early in the piece by 14k Norm Thompsett .  As the laps wound down Auckland piled on the pressure  but the chequered fell on 84k Graeme Fisher .  Kihikihi put in such a magnificent effort that they thoroughly deserved the win . Yes the worm did turn on this day .

Support classes were Ltd Saloons ,  combined midget / minisprints , streetstocks , ministocks and production saloons . Overall a good afternoon of action to finish the season topped off with a derby that I couldn't wait around for .

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