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Published 19-08-2009
An Observers West Coast shed update part 1

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43gm - Jason Smith - Smithys got the averagely quick car with a very quick driver combining well, with the car taking a fair share of the wins, and getting involved with the contact the rest of the time. The cars out the front at present, as the major winter rebuild of the new shed take place.

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94gm – “The Doctor” Brian Hahn - The doctor has given the beast a lethal injection with a new VCT AU11 Tickford falcon. Was whispered as for sale, and has an interest in amoured vehicles. Watch this space. Very quick last year, but lost interest after the intensity of teams racing and NZ title racing.  Will be back with interest.

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18gm - Neil Wright – Completed the big rebuild and will be waiting at the gate for first practice. Converted front end to coils from torsions, and changed from Holden v8 to Holden V6.  Will be keen and quick in the rebuilt Peter Robinson chassis
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25gm - Aaron Klempel (Spider) – Had a torid introduction to his first season of stockcar racing in the x Carlyle, Roigard, Oliver, Hahn Kuriger copy, turning out for the greymouth grizzlys and getting extensive damage. Towbars stock shop repaired before the next weeks meeting.  Getting a Micheal Jackson (new nose) to replace the bent stuff, and will be straight pipe to enjoy the v8 roar. Have to love the Bikers!

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38gm - Tony Oliver – Team OAS (Olivers Automotive and Stockcars with 3 in the shed at the moment) are looking at a new addition to the team, though buying a stockcar for a 1 y/o is a bit early some may say!  Have a VY motor and a VX motor – are superstocks calling for the Tri-rail? Or just a ecotec for the new car? Or is it true hes moving to modifieds (to scared to hit after last years teams event – that’s what Hahno said, honest)


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82gm - Dwayne Honey – The Hitman Honeys kuriger is getting rebuilt, getting a hot Tickford and going on a diet according to crew chief Russ the Muss. Not sure if he was referring to Dwayne or the car. Will be hard charging and looking to represent Greymouth, whether in the team, or hitting visiting cars.

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4gm – Jaime Routhan – Jaime stepped up from Ministocks, and immeadiatly made and impact with a 2nd at the rememberance champs at Woodford Glen. A hard charger suited to the stockcar ranks, Jaime looks set for a bright future in the stockcar class. Gained plenty of experience with his travels, and anticipates competiting at the u23 NZ title in Stratford for the 2nd time.  Back in Black.

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11gm -Tony Stanton – After getting stuck into the teams racing at the start of the year the Smack Attack copped a bit of a battering in Blenheim. IN true Stanton style Tony is demanding retribution, so sold the old car and bought a newer faster rocket from Donald Gregory.   The idea being to track and smack those fast North Island cars at the nearest opportunitys. Has been practising on Colin Cameron to get his eye in.

12 More  to come next week once I get around the rest of the sheds. See you next time