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Waikaraka Park
Auckland Teams Champs
night two
By Macgor
Below is a potpourri of images from the second night of the Auckland Teams Champs . Look to the Waikaraka site for a written review of the action .
A large crowd turned up for the finals night , probably the largest crowd I've seen for a stockcar meeting at Waikaraka in some years  , and I doubt any would have gone home disppointed with the racing they saw .

Mark Osbourne was a revelation for the Rotorua Rebels in the Final against the Baypark Busters as he turned the laps at full noise  avoiding the opposition . Neville Stanaway was gunning for him almost the whole race distance and yet the 'no fear kid' out maneuvered him each time . The rest of the Rebels did well in their blocking roles keeping the other Busters occupied .

The final lap was the ultimate climax with three Busters waiting for Osbourne on the front straight leading up to the finish line . Osbourne
ducked and dived and still got to the finish line for the chequered albeit sliding sideways . Just past the finish line Stanaway's bumper arrived to invert the 16r creating the ultimate end of race thrill for the crowd and cementing a new found hero status on Mark Osbourne .

SNZ were not to be denied their mark on the race though and ruled a pole line indiscretion by Osbourne early in the race meant he was excluded from the race thus the Auckland Teams Champs victory was awarded on the night to the Baypark Busters .
The Baypark Busters are innocents in this state of affairs , they lodged no protest , the decision was initiated by SNZ on their own and went against what almost everyone watching considered the flow of the race and fair justice .

The Rebels did their club and fans proud with their on track performance and silenced their knockers in one foul swoop .

The Busters performed well too and adding this Championship to their success at Palmerston North a few weeks ago is a plus for them .
If they made any mistake at all in the Auckland Teams Champs final it was leaving the best tactical teams racer of the season sitting on the infield as reserve for the Final . If 38m Ross Ashby had been on the track then it might have been a whole lot different come finish flag waving time . Mind you SNZ would have still wanted to make their mark probably .