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Waikaraka Park
Nth Island Saloon Champs
By Macgor
1st : 33m Paul Carter , 2nd : 24w Martin Halcrow  , 3rd :  6p Grant Flynn.
Results sheet on Waikaraka Park site
Qualifying was programmed to start at 4pm but thanks to inclement weather wheel packing attempts were all that had happened when I arrived at 4.30 pm . Just when things looked like being go another shower would pass through causing more delays .
Eventually racing got going at around 5pm . The field was split into two groups of 13 cars for a couple of heats each with the top eight from each group qualifying . Four more were to come from a last chance race to round the final field for the Nth Island champs to twenty cars .
Rob Gold was out with car problems before any racing had happened but aside from him all expected qualifiers made it through with the exception of 18w Brian Commerford who crashed out of his first qualifying heat and did likewise in the repecharge . 

Finals Heat 1 took a couple of goes to get going with tangles in turn two causing drama . Nobody seriously damaged though apart from Lance Jennings who finished up watching from the grass . 8m Geoff Fletcher ran most of the heat with a flat left front and he was lucky that was all that was wrong after he was the meat in the sandwiche in the most major of the tangles .
33m Paul Carter took the lead early on and looked like staying there although 66s Skinny Colson's progress was being watched with interest as he made his way towards the front from his mid field start . 74m Craig Ritchards and 1nz Dean Waddell were having a good door to door battle for a good few laps until it all turned to custard in pit bend , both cars spinning onto the wet infield .
Ritchards was quickly back on the gas and gone but the sadder looking Waddell cruiser was driven onto the track and parked forcing a yellow . After a bit of fiddling about both cars were sent to the rear , I guess Ritchards for causing the incident and Waddell for forcing the yellow . About this time it was noted that 66s was parked up infield , obviously mechanical gremlins had been at work .
The race finished with 33m Paul Carter taking the win

Finals Heat 2  kicked off cleanly with 1nz Dean Waddell grabbing the lead from grid two and settling into a fast but controlled race pace .
The rest of the field were behaving themselves and once the first few laps were run it looked like being green all the way with cars running safely all over the race track surface . Something happened ,. what I'm not sure , and the end result was an inverted 8m Geoff Fletcher on the main straight . 27s Newton Gordge and 5p were skidding to a halt on the infield .
Waddell led the restart away but I was watching 96a Lance Jennings working his way up the order and eventually closing on the 1nz . Heading into turn one Jenning put his nose under Waddell's rear and almost looked like getting the pass done . The move was the wake up call that Waddell had been waiting for because there was a noticable speed increase from 1nz from that point on . Jennings was going to have to settle for second but as luck would have it 96a was running out of go juice and faded to third at race end . 94m Pat McGrath would have been quite happy with  picking up second place . There was one other stoppage for 11m Kevin Moore who ran into the rear of  Stuart Harker and spun himself up in turn one  .

Finals Heat 3 saw 13 cars take the green and once again the leader came from grid two .in the form of 24w Martin Halcrow . A few laps in and 94m Pat McGrath spun and was collected by 45a Glen Turner causing a yellow . The rest of the race ran clear apart from a bit of fibreglass trading here and there . Halcrow won from Carter and Jennings .

I thought the saloon racing was pretty good , the track as good as could be expected  , given the weather conditions , and there was passing to be had all night except perhaps for the later laps of heat three . I had been hoping to see a show down between Brian Commerford and Skinny Colson but neither featured for differing reasons .
The sound system let me down again so not much was heard of the commentary and that had a dulling effect on the meeting .
Support Classes almost failed to fire  , streetstocks verged on the pitiful , ministocks few in number . Std Stocks livened up a bit when 5a Noel Hawthorne did some bumper work on 2nz Peter Church and he retaliated in kind . Likewise in the small mixed group  that ran as agraders it took std 137a Paully Rawiri's successful attacks on and defence of agrader 15a Steve Pribicevich to salvage the races from an action dearth . Praise the entertainers because speedway would be nought without them .
The meeting was over at a timely hour .

33m  Paul Carter = Nth Island Champion 18w Brian Commerford crashing out
24m Martin Halcrow wound up 2nd overall 8m Geoff Fletcher in his first spot of bother
Luckily most survived 6p Grant Flynn 3rd at end of night
Craig Ritchards and Dean Waddell Bonnet mod for 1nz didn't help at all
Glen Turner Nigel Brown
Fletchers second and last bit of bother 11m Kevin Moore seemed to over cook it
5a Noel Hawthorne and 171a Howdy Walsh 77a Alan Simon