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Waikaraka Park
City of Auckland (Std) Stockcar Classic
By Macgor
I spent most of Saturday working on vehicles outside in bright sunshine yet come time to head off to speedway and the clouds roll in bringing some mild moisture to dampen my speedway spirit . A last minute sprint to Huntly option was not needed though as the rain stopped just leaving a bitterly cold wind to harass us through the night . Another shower of rain during the second heat of the Std Stock Classic  caused some of the less hardy to head for home .
Std Stocks
 Huntly , Rotoua and Baypark cars joined the Auckland locals to make up a 34 car field which was somewhat less than the hoped for 52 car turnout but still plenty good enough in numbers to produce a show of the kind I like to watch .
Qualifying was needed to reduce the field to the standard 26 cars stipulated for championship heats so they were split into two groups and given two heats each with the first 13 cars on points from each group qualifying for the 3 championship heats .
I had hoped they would run sudden death qualitying of one heat for each group to find the first twenty and then lump all the non qualifiers into a race to find the final six . This would have saved time and time there was not enough of on this night with the meeting not winding up until sometime past 11.00 pm
Qualifying was not tame racing and plenty of pot shots were taken particularly by the locals on the visiting cars . Standout performers for me at this stage of proceedings were 2nz Clive Pritchard , 73m Clinton Thickpenny , 66a Peter Church , 57a Clint Herring and 67a Nick Krisnic . 
Like I've already said , the racing was not tame with plenty of spins , wallings and general rough house mauling happening .Most of those expected to qualify did so with the notable exception of 68a Freddo Morgan who was well on his way but ground to a halt a lap before the end of his second heat .
Std Stock Classic
Heat One
Starting Order 69a 188h 143r 72a 21h 66a 18a 88a 26a 45a 25a 99a 94a 172h 67a 5a 57a 198m 8m 62a 63a 97h 145h 43h 73m 2nz
Finishing Order 66a 69a 145h 67a 57a 45a 73m 8m 21h 143h 26a 25a 5a 88a 18a 172h 72a 94a 62a
It was gone 9pm before this event took to the track  and the real mayhem began . First spinner was 62a David Moore in turn two and the next 198m in turn three . Both cars got going again  while everyone's eyes were upon the movers in the pack bumpering their way through from the rear of the field . The main two were 2nz Clive Pritchard and 73m Clinton Thickpenny who had plenty of pace but had to be wary of the wild card locals looking for scalps . 8m Scot Fredrickson was another going well but looked to be the target of a vendetta and when he was left side ways in turn four 2nz had nowhere to go but into him . 2nz must have been up into the top three at this stage and although he bounced off 8m and a whack on the rear bumper from 72a sent him on his way again there was less than a lap left in the 2nz car before retirement for the night .  A red light was needed to retrieve 97h Adam O'Grady after he received a massive hit in the rear while stationary on the main straight courtesy of 143h Tony Bennetto who hadn't seen him because the 143h had done most of the main straight up the wall at the mercy of some culprit or another . Actually I think the culprit was 57a Clint Herring but I'm not 100% on that .
Good race , plenty of action with 66a Peter Church winning , 69a Richard Fletcher going well for second . 
The big surprise was 145h Phil Brisco who earned third by way of an unnoticed drive all the way from grid 23 . 67a Nick Krisnic , 57a Clint Herring and 73m Clinton Thickpenny were all impressive too .

Heat Two
White = Did Not Start
Starting Order  172h 67a 5a 57a 198m 8m 62a 63a 97h 145h
73m 2nz 69a 188h 143r 72a 21h 66a 18a 88a 26a 45a 99a 25a 94a
Finishing Order 5a 145h 66a 73m 45a 57a 69a 67a 88a 99a 25a 21h 72a 188h 18a 8m 172h
The starting order for heat 2 listed above is as called by the announcers but for some reason 172h Ricky Ireland started from the rear instead of his rightful pole spot and gaps for the missing cars were not maintained when they lined up on the track .
73m Clinton Thickpenny was the first outsider to be spun . A big incident involving 26a? saw a section of the wall in turn two turned to shrapnel and a red needed to clear the mess up . 66a Peter Church showed how when the going gets tough the tough get going and cleared the opposition out of his way to claim third place at the end . Fly in his ointment though was that 145h car of Phil Brisco who came home ahead of him in second place . 5a Noel Hawthorne had a good run to lead all the way for 1st place money .

Heat Three
Starting Order 2nz 94a 73m 99a 143r 25a 145h 45a 97h 26a 63a 88a 62a 18a 8m 66a 198m 21h 57a 72a 5a 43h 67a 188h 172h 69a
Finishing Order 57a 73m 67a 43h 66a 45a 69a 5a 88a 25a 18a 8m 188h 145h
Once again the table above is the way the field should have been assembled for the third and final heat . The reality was a little different with once again the gaps for missing cars not being correctly maintained . 

Interest was focussed on points leader at this stage 66a Peter Church on 50 points and 145h Phil Brisco only one point behind on 49 points .
Brisco was leaving from grid 7 and Church from grid 16 which meant Church actually had to catch and pass Brisco to be an outright winner . There were three cars missing from the grid between them so those three spots were gifted to Church before the race ever started but the way Brisco had been running meant Church had a tough task on his hands unless his clubmates helped out .
8m Scot Fredrickson was the first outsider to be disposed of in cemetary bend by 72a Norman Anderson followed soon after by 73m Clinton Thickpenny in pit bend by 43h Tony Bennetto  . All cars continued although delayed .
By the time the first lap was completed it was 57a Clint Herring in the lead who in theory had left from grid 19 !! . The reality was somewhat different though because the 57a appeared to be in the wrong place on the grid and had started two or three rows further forward .

5a Noel Hawthorne had decided his chances of winning the classic were zero so was creating chaos among the visiting cars . 57a Clint Herring got spun by a retribution seeking 8m Scot Fredrickson . 73m Clinton Thickpenny was performing the hell drive on his way towards the front of the field while 66a Peter Church was also making places steadily . 
At this stage though nobody I sighted was looking like dealing to the 145h Phil Brisco machine until Peter Church caught him up and did the deed himself , shunting 145h off the end of the main straight and into the wall leaving 145h with just enough mobility to make for the grass infield . Briscoe eventually returning to the track at the end of the race to record a last place finish .
Peter Church survived a determined attack from Scot Fredrickson that almost but not quite succeeded in putting Church around on the back straight but while he was recovering 73m shot past and headed off into the distance . Fredrickson was dealt to soon after by Noel Hawthorne  as was Tony Bennetto in 43h .

62a David Moore was next in the line of fire when he was set upon by 188h Justin Hutchby and 172h Ricky Ireland in turn three and molested
 all the way down the main straight and around cemetary bend until Noel Hawthorne figured the Huntly cars were easy prey and attacked . The end result was even more pressure applied to 62a David Moore causing the 62a to ride up the wall and be left high and dry once the other cars cleared off . A red light was actuated to retrieve 62a .

I reckon David Moore is worthy of special mention for his efforts during this meeting . As I understand it David is in his first season of Std stocks after graduating from the youth ministock class . I first noticed him last weekend when he seemed to attract much attention from his comrades who punted him here there and everywhere around the track but despite the heavy handed treatment he kept coming back for more.
On the night of the Classic it was much the same , his car was running like a pig without grunt  and sounded even worse yet he still fronted the thing for every race and caused as many problems as possible for the other cars while withstanding many an attack from visitors and locals alike . I'll watch his progress this season with interest .

When it was all over 57a Clint Herring received the winners flag for heat 3 and Clinton Thickpenny just pipped 67a Nick Krisnic for second at the line . 

It was 10.45pm by this time and despite there still being two more races on the program I called it quits and headed for home . Full results for the Classic are on the Waikaraka Park site but when the points were tallied 66a Peter Church was the deserved winning , 57a Clint Herring was 2nd and 73m Clinton Thickpenny was an impressive 3rd 
Left to right
3rd - 73m Clint Thickpenny
1st - 66a Peter Church

2nd -57a Clint Herring

A good meeting with the Std Stocks turning on plenty of action and the 10 car field of Modifieds doing likewise . Saloons and Ministock also played their part in providing an entertaining  night of speedway . Commentating by Jamie McCarthy and Barry Brown was good and informative . If there was a downside it was the delays caused by wheel packing laps and on getting cars gridded  up . Racing incidents also caused unavoidable delays and it did seem some drivers were just a bit quick giving the thumbs down signal at times .
Hopefully there will be another page added to this review covering the other classes if I can find the time .

Peter Church - Classic Winner Top Cars = Top action
45a Neville Langdon tusselling with 
2nz Clive Pritchard
4 wide and room for more
White car gives Black car a taste of white wall and that's not rubber dust that's being created
18a Gordon Sander Action aplenty
The beginning of the end for 2nz Clive Pritchard
when he clobbered 8m Scot Fredrickson
Fredrickson was impressive in his bid to survive
and seek redress
73m Clinton Thickpenny being spoiled Cheap concrete fill 4 sale maybe
62a David Moore on his way up and out Fredrickson nearly got Peter Church