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Waikaraka Park
Auckland Ltd Saloon Champs
by macgor
17 cars ran a standard three heat format to decide the Auckland Ltd Saloon champs and like their bigger more powerful brothers the super saloons at championship time carnage was high on the agenda .

Heat one ran quite clean and 32a Steve Louden showed he had things well in control on his first night's racing of  this season by winning from grid one despite losing the start to grid two starter 35a Dave Eriksen . 

Heat two was full of the wrong sort of action . Two cars rolled in seperate incidents , flat tyres and other dramas all over the place .

Heat three was to be the decider although Louden was at least two points up on 61a Roy Walker at this stage . Walker was starting near the front and Louden nearer the back of the grid although by now there were only 9 cars still running  so grid positions didn't count for much .
At the end of the second lap heading into the front straight a tangle between the lead cars ended with the right front wheel parting company from Roy Walkers commodore  . From then on the Championship was definitely Louden's leaving 17a Lance Shepard and 26a Brain Noble to scrap over the minor placings . Noble seemed to have things under control but later in the racr spun himself in turn two.
By the end of the race there were just five cars still running .
Auckland Ltd Saloon Champion = 32a Steve louden , 2nd 17a Lance Shepherd , 3rd 26a Brian Noble .

Full results on the Waikaraka site

Roll overs were five for the night
Adding to the two Ltd Saloon rollovers were one each in Streetstocks , Agrade stockcars and Std Stocks .
Std Stock  driver 137a Paully Rawiri must be thinking the pit bend is jinxed as he went over there for the second time in two meetings .
Agrader 11a Gary Ellis got accidently tipped by a Dion Ansty(if I heard correctly) who was having a vigorous peddle in the 17a Rick Campbell machine .
Streetstock 43a was the first rollover of the night .

Generally not a bad meeting , got started on time and was mostly over by 9.30 pm , which was when I left . I guess there were a few more events after that but cars were getting to be in short supply . 
Commentary was by Mal Sines and Nigel Ross so there was value there .

32a Steve Louden lost the start of heat one Louden did what was needed to win the title
58a Gavin Hinsley had an off night but 26a Brian 
Noble looked the goods
6a Doug Torrey and 55a Geoff Gentry were not to
be winners
Craig Duthie rolled spectacularly and ......... .expensively too judging by the flat tyre count
Lance Shepherd wound up second 35a Dave Eriksen looked good for a while
But Eriksen's luck didn't hold add another wreck to the count
the 43a Streetstock fell over 11a Gary Ellis got knocked over
46p panther Kelvin Gray leading the pack