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Waikaraka Park
Modified Super Dirt Cup
by Macgor
1nz Jamie Fox
2nz Tony Galbraith
4s Mark Dixon
5h Ricky Martin
6a Brian Jesen
7a Ron Drake
15s Murray Gordge
19a Scot Lane
28w Dean Owens
29c Glen Leech
33a Chris Drube
59a Allan Haigh
69a Hayden Scheffer
77s Craig Ward
78h Darren Burman
88a Chris Picknell
89r Greg Brown
94a Nick Simmonds
96r Chris Olssen
The Super Dirt Cup contenders
Nineteen Modifieds arrived on the night to contest the 2003 edition of the prestigeous Modified Super Dirt cup and the standard of racing they displayed on the super fast Waikaraka Park circuit was about as good as open wheel racing ever gets . 
The large crowd was humming with excitement and as the evening progressed became more and more vocal expressing their approval or the opposite depending on who they had decided were heroes or villains .

The crowd had clearly adopted 29c Glen Leech as their own and the 'c' after his number obviously stood for 'can do ' because he done went and won the 2003 Modified Super Dirt Cup in fine style . Read the excellent review on the Waikaraka site

The meeting itself ran pretty well and a good build up to the nights modified racing was achieved by parking all the mods infield with Malcom Sines having the honour of interviewing all of the drivers at which time grid draws for the first heat were done  . Most of the drivers handled the situation well and with a bit of humour chucked in  it went down well .

Speaking of commentators there were two others running the sounds , the two being Jamie McCarthy and the infamous Mintie from Huntly . I'm not sure what what the mouthy trio had with their hotdogs but whatever it was is probably illegal because they seemed to be having  way too much of a high old good time . Seriously though they did a fine job which was definitely value added to the nights entertainment . I heard a bit of stick getting poked my way which probably means I'll have to send the three of them to the rear of grid in the commentator's challenge .
It was great to have another commentator's wife and family join us on the stand for the evening just like old times , mind you that particular commentator was commentating at another track that night .  His devotion to duty is to be admired or pitied , I'm not sure which but at least his family knew where the best show was to be had  . 

The Gordge / Owen's incident really got the crowd going and despite Gordge copping the blame I put it down to a hard charger charging hard . He got it wrong this time and the officials delt out the punishment accordingly . The day drivers  like Murray Gordge stop racing will  be the day I stop attending speedway meetings . I pay my money to watch guys  racing to win , not racing to loose . The modified class is full of guys racing to win and several times over the night of the Dirt Cup I noticed Gordge nearly being nailed by one of those racing to win drivers . Good watching  and when the crowd get vocal it's even better .

From where I sat it was a great night at Waikaraka . Those Modifieds really turned on a show as did most of the support classes . The large crowd enjoying the show was infectious . The food I bought was good eating and the printed program well worth the $3.00 . 

Heat One
Starting order 78h 33a 29c 19a 4s 77s 59a 94a 89r 7a 69r 15s 2nz 69a 88a 1nz 6a 5h 28w
Finishing order 29c 19a 4s 15s 1nz 77s 59a 28w 5h 33a 6a 89r 2nz 7a 69r 94a 78h
Modifieds on the charge Mark Dixon's engine didn't last past heat one
Racers racing to win What pole line?

Heat Two
White = Did Not Start
Starting order 5h 28w 1nz 6a 69a 88a 15s 2nz 7a 96r 89r 94a 77s 4s 59a 19a 33a 29c 78h
Finishing order 5h 2nz 1nz 77s 96r 29c 33a 19a 78h 7a
69a Hayden Scheffer in bother Brian Jesen had a thrill ride
Ricky Martin nearly got Gordge Click the image to see how this turned out

Super Dirt Cup
Starting order 29c 59a 1nz 5h 77s 19a 2nz 33a 15s 96r 7a 69a 94a
Funishing order 29c 1nz 15s 19a 59a 96r 77s 69a 7a 94a
Glen Leech leading off the Dirt Cup start Alan Haigh 5th at the end despite this
unfair end for much improved Chris Drube 19a Scot Lane is today's version of the Wild Man
29c Glen Leech is a winner .
1nz Jamie Fox was second this time .
Gordge looked grumpy with his 3rd place finish .
He was racing for 1st

Support Classes
Stockcars , Streetstocks , Minisprints and Ministocks (youth) made up the support classes this night . 
The stockcar field of mostly std stocks was particularly large with around 26 cars . Forgot to count the ministocks , The other two classes had about 12 cars  each ..
Action in the Stds Stocks was good , too good for the concrete wall . 81a Jody Hooker stirred up the first couple of Streetstock events before his engine let go . His claim to fame will be his rolling of 12a Mark McNabb . To Mark's credit he raced on thanks to his car landing right way up and the officials doing the right thing . Mark and brother 11a Neville then went  into attack mode on Hooker . Good stuff . .
Paully Rawirir doing his thing as only he can do 
Andrew Weir nearly succeeeded in rolling this 
Rotorua car
This time it was Blu Rawiri in 137 doing it Std Stocks are tougher than concrete walls
81a Jody Hooker stirring Hookers demise