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Waikaraka Park
City of Auckland Stockcar Classic and Auckland Modified Champs
Mark Goodyer Sidecar Memorial and Auckland Minisprint Champs
By Macgor
The weather packed sad making it two meetings in a row to be dampened at Waikaraka Park although at least this meeting managed to survive with delays .
Agrade Stockcars .
23 cars I think in total . Rodney Wood had a hard time in the first heat , getting sqeezed against the wall and then accidentally nailing 15a Steve Pribicevich who was stalled in turn one . 
4r Neil McCoard took the first heat win driving Dane Wright's car . 97r Pat Westbury pulled infield smoking badly and if the noises I heard were coming from his car then his wallet won't be happy . 18m Bryce Steiner debuted his new car although there  are still bugs to be exterminated from it . The car looks the part and once it's sorted is bound to be one of the forces to be reckoned with .
Impressive was Blair Neal in the 24a Vic Neal owned car that has been campaigned in recent times by Shay Hambling . Blair excelled in heat three to record a 3rd place finish but impressive was his spin of 15a Steve Pribicevich when he couldn't find a better way of getting past .
For the third heat Neil McCoard was two points ahead of Rodney Wood . McCoard was starting near the front and Wood well back in the pack . McCoard got to the front and Wood was hammering it to get within striking distance by about two thirds distance . McCoard had seen Wood coming and buttoned off to let Wood go by . Wood thought McCoard had a problem and didn't serve up the 4r car too hard on his way through . After Wood had passed McCoard settled into follow the leader mode knowing second place points would earn him the Classic title . Wood realised this and slowed hoping to deal McCoard out but other cars arrived on the scene to upset his plan .
Wood carried on for the heat three win , McCoard was second and Blair Neal third .

City of Auckland Stockcar Classic winner Neil McCoard , second  Rodney Wood , third Lazlo Mezaros (I think)

12 or 13 modifieds were on hand for the Auckland Modified Champs which was won by 1nz Jamie Fox . The racing was  fast and mostly clean with most of the field on the pace making the win no easy feat for the NZ Champion .

Streetstocks numbered 16 for their season swansong and for the most part entertained well enough . Their most popular race was a five car one that was run on a wet track with the cars basically out of control . Good Fun .

6 Sidecars made for a rare sight at Waikaraka these days and while they weren't overly thrilling they did prove the track surface suits the class . If they get to run more laps next season I'm sure the quality of racing will improve and gain them some fans . I know there were several people in the stands that normally attend Rosebank Speedway for their bike racing and would be added attendees at Waikaraka if the bikes ran more often . Nick Edmonds and Aaron Mitchell won the Mark Goodyer Memorial

Minisprints numbered 13 and reduced from there thanks mostly to a decent sort of bingle in heat 1 .  Final placings in the Auckland Championship were decided by two run offs . The first for 3rd and 4th resulted in a tip over for one of the cars . The crazy thing about  this was the one remaining car still had to do the four laps to cement 3rd place in the championship . It didn't happen that way for the NZ Mod Champs at Rotorua so gosh knows why we had to suffer it for a local minisprint champs . Dull racing from a dull class is my summary .
The run off for 1st was won by Nathen Le Flemming .

A well run meeting considering the inclement weather and a problem with the back straight lights that caused a delay . Commentating was first class including reports from the pits . Could have been a great meeting with Std Stocks instead of  Minisprints especially as the agraders didn't actually thrill me . I sort of missed seeing Saloons racing too . 

The weather outlook to the south before start time
was more than just a little bit of a worry
Ltd Saloon drivers Doug Torrey was behind the
wheel of Mark McNabb's 12a Streeter
29a was a new one on me but he was involved
in some of the rugged action anyway
The start of  an incident that was to become
much bigger
When it got this big the officials bottled out and
red lighted the race
The tail end of the deal .
81a Merv Lewis knows what streetstock racing
is meant to be about and is a crowd favorite .
One of the six Side-Cars having a run for the
Mark Goodyer Memorial
51m Rodney Wood had a hell bad first heat of
the Auckland City Stockcar Classic
Here 51m has just cannoned into a spun and 
stalled (obscured) 15a Steve Pribicevich
65m Mark Thompson and 17a Rick Campbell . the ever impressive 12h Chris Bear at the mercy
of 15a .
First heat woes for 97r Pat Westbury that looked
and sounded expensive
Debut time finally for 18m Bryce Steiner and a
chance to sort the gremlins .
firat turn skirmish Plenty of polluted air about on this night
13 Mods started the night 1nz Jamie Fox had  to work for the Auckland title
Modified racing was good